mushrooms with a pocket knife for reference
Our agro-forestry project at Casey is ongoing and includes three species of fungus: oysters, shitake & morels. Casey is a mushroom emporium.
Morel mushroom
Morels fruit in early May on thickly wooded slopes.
Grey Dove mushrooms
These oysters cluster like seashells on a Box Elder log. This is Grey Dove.
mushroom fruiting
We inoculated oak logs with shitake spawn and were rewarded a year later with this characteristic fruiting.
Our Casey shitakes are supple and firm with an ivory interior under an amber-brown cap. They are densely flavorful and stand up well to vigorous wok activity. Great in ramen.
Polar White mushrooms
Ice white clusters fan out in shelf-like groupings. An autumn fruiting yields abundant waves of Polar White.