Bluff Creek

Bluff Creek is a tributary of the Des Moines River and meanders through the Everett Casey Nature Reserve at a soft-sloping angle.

View of Bluff Creek in the Fall.
Russet-colored oaks on Casey’s west bluff create a dramatic backdrop in autumn.
A view of Bluff Creek in the Winter.
In winter Bluff Creek reflects the sapphire of a bluebird sky.
A view of Bluff Creek in the Spring.
High rushing waters fill the creek bed in spring. The height of the water, just above knee-high, combined with the velocity make it tough to wade across the creek to Casey’s west bluff.
Bluff Creek frozen over in the Winter with animal tracks.
Animals use the frozen creek as an ice highway during the winter. It’s easy to catalogue the various wildlife species according to hoof tracks and markings. We’ve noted an abundance of activity: deer, wild turkey, beaver, muskrats, coyotes, bobcat & raccoons.
A view of Bluff Creek in the Winter frozen over but with some open water
Often a lead will open in the frozen surface of the ice on Bluff Creek. The always-moving water beneath creates a burbling audio.
A view of Bluff Creek in the Summer.
A July month with no rain yields an ankle-deep thread of water in Bluff Creek, and it is possible to find bison fossils among the cobbles.